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Moving may be more than stacking boxes neatly together until they fit inside their chosen space. Let’s face it: not everyone is an ace at Tetris. Convenient for unplanned items, storage may be the solution you’re looking for.

Downsizing might also play a role, or perhaps you are waiting to collect certain items until after the dust of moving in settles.

No matter your circumstance, your goods are safe in the storage units we provide.

With clean storage facilities located nearby in several major cities around the country, Coast Moving Transportation takes the client-ready approach of providing excellent moving services to a whole new level. We can accommodate any of your storage needs so you can focus more on moving.

We like to keep open communication with our clients about the status of their goods in a friendly manner to ensure that your possessions remain secure. And you are welcome to use our facilities for as long as you like.

storage-advantageAdvantages & Benefits

With state-of-the-art surveillance and strict monitoring of who goes in and out, your safety and the security of your belongings are our primary concern.

Moreover, door-to-door storage container services ensure that you receive a wide range of hassle-free options while you execute the plan for any move you make, anywhere in the world. Simply put, we like to give you control of the entire moving process.

Providing you with a personal key to your own private storage unit and maintaining the cleanliness of the facilities as though our own belongings were stored there, we aim to offer you exceptional quality and service you’ll remember, whether you choose to store for the short-term or the long-term.

Offering storage units in major cities throughout the country, such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Miami, Austin, and New York City, you can set the level of involvement for any part of the process, from packing up until final delivery to your new home or any location you provide.

Wherever you decide to keep your items, always make certain that any facility has the appropriate licenses and credentials to store your items. Ours do!

Full-Service Storage

freight-containerWe like to keep things simple, without cutting any of the crucial corners.

We assist you in taking inventory. From there we can determine what size room(s) your items will need to occupy, as well as some additional basic factors, such as the level of access you’d like to have for your storage unit.

Depending on how long your items remain there, we’ll make sure to pack accordingly, taking protection of your belongings into account in how we store them.

You can even request for us to take a photo inventory before packing, for your peace of mind. And once you’re ready to be reunited with your belongings, our movers can deliver them to you, anywhere you are.

For special items that remain behind, we’ll help you pack and store them carefully. Our movers are experts with special care items, and can even build custom crates for certain items regular boxes won’t protect.

Additionally, we charge monthly, and you may choose to cancel at any time.