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Long Distance Move

long-distance-moveWe’ll go the distance with any interstate move, with a variety of options for you to choose from to accommodate your budget. No matter what service you choose, you’ll always receive top-notch customer service!

Our priority is ensuring that your items are packed correctly and carefully. Our mission for long distance moves is to deliver your goods safely. We’ll take inventory together and you may also opt-in for a picture inventory, which is especially handy for any items you may choose to hand off to us to place in our safe storage warehouses.

Residential or commercial, our long distance movers can get you and your goods to your new location with ease and within budget, offering exceptional customer care along the way..

moving-coordinatorMoving Coordinators

Our long distance moving coordinators skillfully put you through a highly customized order of operation and serve as your corporate liaison. You can think of them as your convenient point of contact and specialized long distance moving agent.

We meet all requirements as we travel cross-country or within the same state. Our transportation is reliable and equipped in the right way to ensure that the movers involved with your relocation are able to perform with as much ease as possible.


Moving Safety

We aim to minimize delays and other costly side effects of traveling long distance. We understand that time and budget are important to you, and we also offer different options to get you to your new location. Whenever a problem arises, we take charge and quickly put out the fire with special care and high attention to detail, placing safety of you and our passengers and the security of your belongings at the top of our priorities.

save_time_and_moneySave money! Save time!

Our logistics is what sets us apart from other long distance movers. Coast Moving Transportation believes in making every part of the moving process as easy as possible for each and every client. We strongly believe in the power of listening to our clients, which is the time-tested way to provide ultimate customer satisfaction.

If moving to a new apartment building, make sure you understand their specific building codes so that we may honor those codes as we help move you in to your new location. Also make sure that the manager of the building is aware of your arrival to make things easier.

Our commitment to your happiness speaks for itself as we unpack your belongings, protecting corners and floors while handling special items and furniture with care. You tell us where things go, we leave when the job is done right. The moment our movers step foot into your new location, you become their boss.

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