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Business Relocation


Whether you’re a business owner, manager, or executive, we know you’re busy. Now combine that with the service we happen to offer, and voila! Our commercial team of movers can relocate any size office overnight!
Business-to-business, efficiency and communication make every commercial move affordable and on-time. Our trained professionals care about the overhead of businesses as much as their owners. You’ll be surprised, however, to find us always a few steps ahead. Special care like that only comes from office moving experts like us!


Commercial Move Overview:

  • Commercial, store, and warehouse moves
  • From local to international office relocation
  • Exclusive Transfer packages

A track record for proficiency at every point of the process–from preparation through execution–we get it done on time and on budget, all the time.

This is how our full-service commercial relocation process is broken down:

Plan-moveWe get the job done right the first time. Your special blueprint ensures that we don’t skip any beat. Together, we’ll go over:

  • An inventory of all items to be moved
  • Special codes & clearances for building and safety
  • Exact scheduling
  • Delivery & set-up directives for the new office location
  • Fair, affordable pricing guaranteed not to change

strategyTogether, we also implement a special strategy:

  • Code markup for orderly tear down and reassembly of furniture and workstations
  • Maneuver staging
  • Assess building requirements
  • Convenient scheduling



capacity-iconWe’re the movers. Let us do the moving:

  • Cover floors and walls
  • Protect furniture
  • Boxing files, supplies, electronics, and appliances
  • Maintaining same order of hard documents for exact-match placement
  • Available to assist with IT components and effective cabling, tearing down or setting up.



accountability-iconOverhead is kept at an absolute minimum, including the possibility of any delays. You can expect there to be extra help at the ready for all things unplanned. Our strong sized force includes:

  • Extra movers
  • Extra trucks, lifts, and dollies
  • On-hand carpenters
  • Handling of special-care items
  • Emergency repairmen
  • Exceptional customer service



When we get the move done right the first time, you’ll know that your employees are in good hands. This is truly the kind of service that you can count on!

Whether your business moves locally, long-distance, or internationally, your commercial move will be made especially easy because of the single person contact you’ll be assigned to. Excellent communication is key to a happy and successful move anywhere we go.

icon_privacyCorporate Privacy

We understand that every business runs under the guise of possession of sensitive materials, in some form or another. We place strict emphasis on keeping any nature of your business private and confidential. This may also include the moving of special or delicate technologies, and entrusting the movers to handle them correctly is crucial to your operation. From business records to complex computers, the safety of your belongings and your business is honored to the fullest degree of execution.

From hotel to hospital, we will make any commercial move clear, safe, exciting, and efficient.

Give us a call and find out for yourself why Coast Moving Transportation is the best in commercial relocation services.

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